PTV Directory

PTV Staff
Left to Right: Eric Gilbertson, PTV/NTHP Field Services; Ann Cousins, PTV/NTHP Field Services; Robert McBride, Advisor to the National Trust; Paul Bruhn, PTV Executive Director; Henry Jordan, PTV Board Chair; Meg Campbell, PTV staff.


Paul Bruhn, Executive Director
(802) 343-0595,

Meg Campbell, Easement Program and Communications
(802) 442-8951,

Ann Cousins, Field Service and Major Gifts
(802) 343-8180,

Eric Gilbertson, Field Service
(802) 272-8543,

Elise Seraus, Executive Assistant
(802) 658-6647,

Consultants to Preservation Trust of Vermont

Bill Polk, Finance Officer
(802) 658-6647,

Emily Wadhams, Director, Historic Places Revolving Fund
(802) 658-9535,