July 7: Preservation Conference Success!

June 10: 2016 Preservation Award Winners Announced

May 12: Paul Bruhn receives Pizzagalli Excellence Award

March 14: State Environmental and Preservation Organizations Weigh in on Exit 1 Development Proposal

Exit 4 Development

"Development that is allowed to proceed willy-nilly over the landscape without regard
to Vermont’s values injures the state. It is not wise development. It is development that takes us backward..." Read More...


Old Stone Church Donated to the Community

by Emily Cutts -- Rutland Herald, November 20, 2015

POULTNEY — The lively, impromptu piano duet played Wednesday evening in the old stone church on East Main Street in Poultney was just a glimpse of what the future may hold for the building.

Formerly the Fox Hill Center for the Arts, the building was donated to the Preservation Trust of Vermont by sisters Rita Fuchsberg and Irene Minkoff. Read More...


PTV: Who We Are

Map of Where We WorkedThe Preservation Trust of Vermont is a statewide non-profit organization founded in 1980 whose mission is to help communities save and use historic places. Much of our focus is on strengthening downtowns and village centers, supporting local initiatives and building capacity.

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What We Do

Support local preservation efforts through our Field Service Program (194 projects in 2015).

Provide project development and technical assistance grants through our Robert Sincerbeaux Fund (55 in 2015).

Provide condition assessment grants through our Barn Assessment Grant Program (12 in 2015).

Provide support for at-risk properties through our Historic Places Revolving Fund.  This year the revolving fund focused on the Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor, Gilbert’s Hill in Woodstock, Fox Hill in Poultney and New Moran in Burlington (4 in 2015).

Provide major grants for preservation-related projects as funds are available (6 new Preservation Grants in partnership with the Freeman Foundation and 4 new grants through the Community Fund in 2015).

Work with communities to oppose Sprawl and encourage the proper scale and location of Big Box development in our downtowns (12 in 2015).

Encourage and help develop Community Supported Enterprises such as village stores, cooperatives, restaurants, and community-centered businesses (8 in 2015).

Steward historically significant properties through our Historic Preservation Easement Program (72 easements that cover 108 buildings, 2 structures and 3 archeological sites).

Host two-day Preservation Retreats from May through October at the Grand Isle Lake House (116 individuals from 47 community groups).

Own and steward four historic properties in VT: the Grand Isle Lake House in Grand Isle, the Left Bank in North Bennington (in partnership with the Fund for North Bennington), Pierce’s Store in Shrewsbury, and the Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor.


In 2015, led the effort in the Legislature to reinstate Historic Preservation and Barn Grants, and supported funding for the Vermont Housing and Conservation Fund, Downtown and Village Center Tax Credits, Cultural Facility Grants, and funding for the Division for Historic Preservation.

Partner with the Vermont Downtown Program to support revitalization efforts in designated downtowns and village centers. Co-host annual retreat for downtown managers (for 24 Designated Downtowns).

Host an annual historic preservation conference in partnership with the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation and the Vermont Downtown Program.

Recognize great preservation successes through our biennial awards program.

Publish Vermont Restoration Directory and offer preservation resources and guidance on our website www.ptvermont.org.

Distribute a free electronic newsletter.